Headlines! Headlines! Headlines! They’re ridiculously important. Enough said. Try these 5 easy tips for writing catchy headlines from Jeff Goins. PPCYES.net 2.5/5 (2) “Step #7: Keep padding the site while slowly decreasing link velocity” KillerResultsSolos.com 5/5 (1) Wonder  * On-page optimization is one thing we can control on our blog, Allan; I’d definitely recommend you look into it. Infrastructure 5. Repackage and Repurpose Your Content May 23, 2016 at 7:58 am Jump up ^ Miller, Rich (2004-10-26). "Bush Campaign Web Site Rejects Non-US Visitors". There are variations that go beyond these examples that blend together with the other 200+ ranking factors. Whether your internet marketing person realizes it or not, backlinks are an essential part of any solid SEO strategy. If you know of anyone who disagrees, have them give me a call. Even though this post hasn’t generated nearly the same amount of links as the other two Link Magnets I showed you, it’s no slouch: Your thoughts will crystallize. Crystal Kadir says: But, two years down the line, are maps still bringing the backlink bacon home? January 24, 2017 at 9:01 pm Benjamin, thanks for the comment! Keep up the good work 🙂 Open Navigation May 21, 2016 at 11:05 am December 31, 2015 at 2:08 pm Christine Jackson says: Well, that revelation was a stark wake up call for me to truly get on my ballgame. I learned two things from this experience: 1) I MUST improve my SEO game, & 2) you sir, are truly the King Of Search. recently got into ranking youtube Niche-Targeted Directories How to Start an Online Store Thanks for the comment! Your link equity will flow through your 301s, but you should make an effort to change your existing backlinks to https Be especially diligent if you’ve purchased links – double check page quality, authority, etc. regularly, and make sure your link’s anchor text hasn’t changed and that it hasn’t been switched to nofollow. Now, it’s important to note that you should not view the recommendations below as a “step-by-step” or “foolproof” guide. As we talked about above, Google is making relational connections, and each query will be looked at contextually. My goal is to share best practices on where to start. My book – Blogging the Smart Way “How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media” – will show you how. The HTML Structure of Links Infographicbee Get our free daily newsletter. This is due to how Quantcast works: a website must set up Quantcast’s data collection feed on the site itself, which allows Quantcast to start collecting data and estimating traffic. As such, Quantcast cannot accurately estimate traffic for sites that don’t participate. You won’t find sites for most lesser-known websites on Quantcast. I have been experimenting with ranking YouTube videos and eliminating the variables mentioned above to see what could be left out for a video to rank. So far for lower competition videos I have found that videos as short as 10 seconds with under 100 views, no comments, and no likes can rank within a few days. Nice post and very helpful. I am newbie to SEO and i would really appreciate if i can have your help in my journey to SEO. I guess it’s been a while since you’ve written this (can’t see any dates in here). February 6th 2018 BlogAbout Remember, this will eventually be read by thousands of people. Write something epic! Douwe Is there a lot of visual noise? If you have 10 trustworthy and authoritative links from relevant sources, and a competitor has 100 spam backlinks, then, in terms of backlinks at least, Google will favour your site over theirs. Thank you for the comment and I’m glad you enjoyed it! Good luck! 1. First, viral content tends to contain lots of visuals.


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What are the best (effective) ad platform to drive traffic to a make money niche blog? Very true, I think many people mistake great content as factual, accurate content, but the truth is content is only good if it provides the reader with what he or she is looking for. Or you could take the lazy option like Matthew has on SlideShare by syndicating PDF versions of his posts- Do you think Google just uses dofollow links to in their Pengion Anchor Text algorithm to calculate link diversity? Once you’re a LinkedIn member, you can use SlideShare. Thanks again for these amazing posts. Trivikram Srinivas says: Is there anything else you’d recommend for a local business to get more traffic? For instance, should I focus more on local bloggers? In fact, that’s why I dedicated Chapter 3 of this guide to creating Link Magnets. I think the key here is that users tend to click-through on results with shorter titles that clearly get across what the page is about. I’ve seen CTR to be an enormous ranking factor for content on page 1 of Google, so this makes a lot of sense to me. And this basically breaks down to 3 micro steps: Attend Our Conferences Here are resources for creating an editorial calendar: As Trevor Barratt, Managing Director of Times Higher Education, explained: This principal applies both to your entire site (pick a niche, i.e. a specific subset of a broad market) and each particular page of your site. Joel Lee 1735 articles In addition to including keywords that tell what your site is specifically about, you should also include location-based keywords. Google and other search engines have no way of knowing where your business is unless you tell them, so it’s important to include city and region names if you want your site to be shown to searchers in a particular area. More and more of your web traffic will be looking for you and reading your content on their mobile devices. Thanks for everything, link profile tool | see this first link profile tool | check out this page link profile tool | check out this post
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