Que sont les backlinks ? For example I am managing SEO for multiple websites one with 8% duplicate content and another with 34% duplicate content, So i’d like to know whats the benchmark percentage? This is awesome. Thank you for the time and effort Business Blogs: Boosting Your Website Traffic - Website Traffic I think that both mommy bloggers and productivity bloggers would be influencers you’d want to consider targeting. However, I’d focus on one influencer group at a time. That way you can create content that speak to that specific group. Content is all about the long term, indirect, gradual benefits …that eventually make you invincible. 🙂 Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you liked it! #3: Increase Website Traffic With A Long Tail Clean Up Thanks Garrick. You’re right: you don’t need to do so much backlinking to YouTube videos. But depending on how competitive the keyword is, you may want to build some cheap links to give your video a boost. Onkar Singh Real Estate Local SEO lionlike Abby says: I recommend using Google Trends. They have a feature just for YouTube Ganesan says: Teena! UX Website Design Short answer? There’s definitely more, but I’m glad it was helpful 🙂 bottom12 says: Mark Alan says: Tip #1: Optimize for each platform So don’t be afraid to use the same tags that your competitors use. In fact, it’s a YouTube marketing best practice that has works for YEARS. Nam Anh, Post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other appropriate networks you use and include a link that goes to a sign-up page. Darragh Being creative is hard. More important than that, I published this guide when my blog was brand spankin’ new. And this piece of content helped me get some links that made a BIG dent in my rankings in the early days of Backlinko. Thank you for your post Ana. I am still an amateur with SEO but I agree with some of the comments above. I do not understand how a stale site could remain the rank meanwhile other sites keep getting new contents constantly. Does old backlinks worth more than new constant fresh contents? Many thanks. Which is more important, backlinks to homepage or post page for new website? Here’s the kind of email you’ll want to send. A “backlink” is created when an external website links to yours. This why some people refer to them as “external backlinks”. Ajay says: Texting & Chat Abbreviations You are so very welcome, Sylvia; I am flattered you’ve given Traffic Generation Café so much of your time. One of the important parts about buying traffic is that you make sure to buy traffic that converts. There’s no point spending money on bought traffic when you don’t generate revenue as a result. To make sure that you get a decent return in your investment, your traffic purchase must be done with the following in mind:


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March 30, 2018 at 2:19 pm Search engine marketing I am just wondering; for lower competition niches/keywords a 3rd tier certainly isn’t needed? Online store October 3, 2016 at 8:01 am Modern Flores Island pygmies show no genetic link to extinct 'hobbits' Thank you for this article. I have read SO much about driving traffic so I hope these suggestions work a little. l like your easy way of explaining strategies. Perhaps it is all because I am a small jewellery designer in a very competitive world. Best and thank you again Cory Lee Beevers says: Sounds like black magic to me! SEO drives me insane sometimes. It can result in spectacular results or abysmal failures! Bing 6 Comment optimization Very informative, keep posting such smart articles, it extraordinarily helps to understand relating to things. Check your domain ranking July 26, 2017 at 11:15 am Glad you enjoyed it! Most of this is wrong or hearsay. Our Team I hope this helped you learn a thing or two, and make sure you drop a comment below if you have ANY questions whatsoever. Don’t be SHY. I’m a pretty nice guy. Use this system, but search for video podcasts. Great information thank you for sharing March 4, 2016 at 8:38 pm Darin McCall says March 30, 2018 at 2:17 pm February 8, 2018 at 9:41 pm November 17, 2015 at 9:51 pm February 12, 2015 at 5:10 pm Read more reviews "I ordered traffic from WebTrafficGeeks for my blog and i got the traffic and genuine visitors as promised. I will send incentivised visitors to your website Sherry on January 22, 2018 at 12:45 pm Bhaskar Das says: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SANTA BARBARA Grace June 28, 2016 at 7:32 am 10 Links in day 1 Hi, my name is Dimitrios and I am responsible for Crave Culinaire’s digital marketing. I would like to drive more traffic to Crave’s blog. Since Crave Culinaire is the only catering company who provides molecular cuisine, I thought about craving a blog post about that. The influencers in this niche have great success in utilizing recipes on their blogs. I will share some recipes of Brian Roland, owner and head chef of Crave Culinaire. UX Suppose you have page on “cheap tire and wheel packages.” In addition to making sure that the keyword appears in the title tag (“Where to Find Cheap Tire and Wheel Packages”), one of the headers (“Finding Cheap Tire and Wheel Packages Online”) and a couple of times in the article text, it’s a good idea to reinforce it with links from additional pages: e.g., two to five topically related pages to link to the page using your primary keyword. This structure of having one page with a primary keyword and several pages supporting it with links is called a link net. At least now you’ve got some knowledge and tools to help you kick them to the curb. Yes! This post was updated for 2016 and my agency’s changed approach. I’m glad it was practical. I’ll be going deeper into each link building strategy in later posts So nice information! Thanks for this valuable knowledge. I feel I have great content…but most of it is within my email marketing campaign instead of my blogs. I’ve used my blogs to include links to my email marketing campaigns to lead to my product. In your opinion, should my blog content be the priority? I find my marketing emails sound more like a blog than just a “tip” or a reason to grab people to my list. Facebook Ad Examples Siimon Sander Shaikh, DEGREE FINDER Outstanding post – thanks for sharing. I have a question: What is worth the most: A link to my YT-video or if someone embed the video on a website. Or does it depend of the PR attached to the linking website? I would stay away from DoFollow comment backlinks because they are usually spammed to death I need to ask more about the prohibited geo targeted anchor text since my site is a local business site and NOT to have the city name in my anchor text may be a waste of money for me. Nassim Kebbani Correction (May 22nd, 2018): An earlier version of this piece suggested that non-English data and books are not included in the rankings. This is incorrect. The article has been amended to remove that assertion.  6.3 Keeping people in the conversation Luis on 5/12/16 Thanks for the comment, Raj. And I’m glad you enjoyed it! Ask: Student Aid and Loans October 28, 2017 at 8:42 am Long Term SEO Results What a great to-do list! Looks like I need to get to work and implement some of these ideas. Thank you! make a contribution Another thing that often happens to people who are new to YouTube is they come across some of the really horrible SEO practices out there, like buying fake views, likes, and subscribers. It’s often through no fault of their own. It’s simply a matter of the Internet being saturated with bad SEO information and practices. Rob, Thanks for the tip. Rich says: Fisher, thanks for the comment and for the support! web user See all universities which offer Electrical & Electronic Engineering in United Kingdom & United States on page seo | here's the 411 on page seo | see more on page seo | discover this
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