Bruce Clay Blog thanks you very much. keep post and share So, what did they find? Really smart way to increase quality backlinks. But I think this gonna be very useful for some of the generic niche domain business. The Referring URL Rating distribution below tells us most links are of low authority. However, there appears to be a spike at the URL Rating 7. shane says: The best part? SEO Course | SEO Training User Experience Testing Josh Garrod says: Ciprian Hirbu says: This is definitely one of the most comprehensive backlinking articles around. Just subbed to your list Brian. Cheers. it was very helpful for me. author:Author name Look at the anchors report for your domain. Content Audits | Ideation June 19, 2014 at 6:41 am SALON DE JARDIN ETNA GRIS Washington DC SEO  Attracta Reviews Je cherche un community manager pour immobilier Companies big and small LOVE to show off their customer testimonials. Thanks Brian for this great article. Ecrire de façon continue des articles de blog vous permettra aussi d’obtenir des backlinks tout en bâtissant votre réputation d’expert dans votre domaine d’expertise métier. Cheers James! April 16, 2018 Update all your social media profiles. It helps to give your site credibility. But don’t just stick to Facebook. Consider expanding your social media network to platforms that are relevant to your site—Pinterest, Vine, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google +, Twitter, and Instagram are just some of the examples of social media sites that you could try. December 16, 2013 at 2:58 am Créer un compte Google Analytics : et fournir les informations générales sur le site à surveiller. edwin pineda says: This is the exact post what I was searching for. I almost read it thrice to understand the theory of backlinks perfectly. Thanks Neel 🙂 Your post are very informative. 5 Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress Compared January 10, 2014 at 12:57 pm February 25, 2017 at 10:17 am Awesome article! I better understand the importance of writing good content articles as well as commenting. I think its important to note the value in writing rich comments that would be extremely helpful to another, as many of these questions would be asked repeatedly by someone else. This ensures time saved as well as knowledge gained. Things to remember Promoted by TextOptimizer If you want to backlink someone else, the easiest way to do is through your website’s CMS, or content management system. Chances are good that you use a CMS to manage all the content on your website, including your pages, images, text, and products (if you run an ecommerce store). If you want to share something a bit more insightful, though, here’s another example. Inbound Marketing vs SEO I guess that would be me, Karan 🙂 October 27, 2013 at 3:24 am If the website you received a backlink from has a low domain authority, then the backlink isn’t very helpful. January 22, 2014 at 11:25 am Thanks for this article. I’m using some other methods, but this one is new to me. I will definitely give it a go! Try your hardest not to sound too promotional: It's of great importance that the readers of a certain site don't feel like they're being sold to. Even though your mission is to create additional awareness for your brand, products, and services, you cannot really do that by bluntly talking about yourself and your company. Nope. Your strategy should always be oriented towards producing value and giving your readers a chance to first make a connection with your knowledge and expertise, and only then with your products and services. You can mention your brand or product in your guest post, but you need to make sure that it feels organic to the whole story. Context is king! Quelles sont mes sources de trafic ? When one website links to another website, it’s called a link. Other terms commonly used by SEO companies and online marketers include: backlink, linkback, inbound link, incoming link, inlinks, and inward links. Links are important for SEO because search engines like Google use them as a gauge or measure of a website’s relevance and authority. January 30, 2017 at 6:19 am Here’s an explanation of the type competitor “types”: Golden Gate SEO. on November 15, 2017 at 07:45 Homepage URL: Profile creation sites list writes: Copy link Avoid link selling services and anyone selling “backlink packages.” Paying someone on Fiverr for a backlink package, and contracting a link selling service (e.g., Sape) are good ways to earn yourself a Google penalty. And if a site openly advertises that they sell links? Run! There are a few ways you can modify HTML links that a CMS might do automatically. For example, clicking the “open link in new window” (or, more recently, “new tab”) option in a CMS would change our link above to look like this: I liked the whole post, I surely need to work on my backlink creation strategy because these days my site’s ranking has gone down quite a bit because I didn’t create a single backlink in the past 2 months! • If you have an email list or social media pages, you should always post your content on your accounts (obviously). When your content features another company or an influencer, include links to their websites and accounts within your post. Then, they’ll promote your content link to their audiences. But if you’re willing to put in the time it takes to earn valid links, it’s still entirely possible to boost your credibility (and rankings). I’ve used “Skyscraper” content to build links from authority sites like So, how does one protect oneself from being penalized? Easily, by adding an affiliate URL trigger in your robot.txt as a disallow or a nofollow tag. This action will tell Google not to crawl your site, which will automatically save you from getting penalized for your affiliate activity. And that’s true! Best regards, 2. Vérifiez que le design de votre site Web est adapté aux mobiles. De plus en plus de personnes naviguent sur le Web sur leurs tablettes et smartphones. Search for sites like yours by using keywords and phrases directly relevant to your business. When you locate sites that aren't directly competitive, email them, use their online forms, call them on the phone, or even send them a letter by mail to start a conversation about getting a link. Check out this blog post on link requests for more detail. Addy Brown says June 23, 2014 at 1:00 am Thank you Muneeb 🙂 Perfectionnement February 24, 2014 at 3:47 pm Let’s go back to the example we used earlier about the men’s fitness site. November 13, 2013 at 7:11 am Google+ 968 Relationship Advice I’m confused. Maybe I missed something? Then you are going to hit the “Backlinks” tab on the left hand side and… voila! Piloter la performance des campagnes d'acquisition (2 jours) 2. Monitor Backlinks March 10, 2015 at 11:10 am Brian- That is a very in depth / in detail description of your strategy. I also looked into broken linkbuilding as a strategy before but the few tries I made at finding something relevant to the localized business of real estate in a medium-sized town didn’t yield any results. Any suggestion on applying this type of strategy to a localized real estate business?

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53. Rejoignez 2 ou 3 groupes sur LinkedIn ou créez-en un. Site Links The 10 Secrets of Effective Bootstr... by Matthew Capala 123740 views Primary Research In fact, I recently used this strategy to get a link from the University of Michigan website: The problems can be various. Usually, people make a mistake with the choice of the topic. It doesn't matter how good your article is if nobody cares about that topic. The opposite can happen too; cool topic, but weak content! Wally says: While the site itself is not dangerous, this could be perceived as unnatural linking strategy and could get Udemy penalized in organic rankings. Review Management Pricing This strategy involves finding broken links on other websites, identifying the content they originally referred to, then offering the site the chance to replace their broken link with a valid link to relevant content. Mark Anthony says & Email Address vous aide à trouver facilement et gratuitement un freelance disponible pour réaliser vos demandes. Custom Logos Most people linked to the page BECAUSE it contained a specific, strategy with a unique name (“Inbox Zero”). Plus de 150 000 freelances disponibles Hi Christoph, we use many of the techniques that you recommend and intend testing the ones we don’t use so much of yet, a bit more thoroughly. Our approach would be best described as targetting relevance and link diversity. And giving other websites a backlink doesn’t help, right? April 26, 2014 at 10:32 pm Everything You Need to Do a Backlink Audit E-Commerce Campaigns Cris on November 13, 2017 at 07:27 Si votre site a été impacté par des mises à jour telles que Google Panda ou Google Penguin, il serait judicieux de faire appel à un référenceur SEO pour vous fournir des conseils ou pour vous aider à corriger vos optimisations. My pleasure, Shamsher. Yeah, I was really happy with how the interview infographic turned out. Keyword Reporting Is The Linking Domain Relevant to Your Industry? To guest post for other blogs, simply send the editor an email pitching your topic and a brief outline and ask if they’re interested. They’re not visible in the screenshot above, but Robbie Richards and Nathan Gotch (Gotch SEO) also appear to be superfans, as they’re each linking to three of Ryan’s posts. The good news is that virality isn’t exclusive to BuzzFeed listicles. Even boring niches like the legal industry can get a share of the pie and gain a sudden influx of links and search traffic. What Is Off Page SEO Set up Google Alerts for your brand or business name. If you spot a mention of your company on a website that doesn’t include a link, send a friendly email asking for one. Chez Miss This is important to note because Google does not count backlinks that are located on non-indexed pages. Guest Blogger @Mention Thanks Brian, very interesting technique, however, how do i find broken backlinks from the websites that are relevant to me? ex. Let’s say i sell electronics. I want to find broken links from the websites that talk about electronics. Any thought? Thanks comment trouver des backlinks d'un site web | services d'optimisation de site web comment trouver des backlinks d'un site web | vérifier le nombre de backlinks d'un site web comment trouver des backlinks d'un site web | répertoire de backlinks
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